Rates & FAQ

  1. What sort of projects do you take on?
    • It would probably be easier to list the types of projects we don’t take on. We are not regulatory, clinical trials or grants application writers. Outside of that we are willing to consider all projects and will give you an honest answer as to whether we think that we can offer you a quality solution to your needs. If we can not answer your needs, we can help you find someone who does.
  2. What subjects do you write about?
    • The beauty of Emergency and Family medicine is the need to be able to know about all aspects of medicine and health. Then to go more in depth according to patient or client needs. No subject is off limits when it comes to making medicine more intelligible for your patients and clients.
  3. Who do you write for?
    • We write for professionals (healthcare and others), patients and google.
    • Now that healthcare content has to be written or reviewed by an MD, boost your ratings by working with the SEO algorithms and not against them. We provide medically accurate content, signed off by our MD ensuring both google and your patients trust what you are publishing.
    • It has often been said that doctors have a language of their own. It goes beyond medical terminology and includes a point of view that speaks from a place of authority. Make sure your copy gets read by your target physicians.
    • Patients turn to google and friends and family for medical information which they don’t get or understand from their doctor. Translate medical concepts and information into accurate, non-patronising and accessible copy and your website will become the go to for the subject of your choice. Using an MD means that nothing is lost in translation.
  4. What content do you use?
    • Guaranteed to be 100% original and fully referenced to any medical authorities and research.
    • We can either follow your content suggestions closely or save you time and effort by suggesting topics and content.
  5. Do you ghostwrite books?
    • No, should you want non-authored content, we can provide blog. posts, website, promotional and white paper copy.
  6. What services do you provide?
    • We provide a range of services. These include health podcasts content, health and medical copywriting for blogs and websites, eBooks, as well as more formal white papers for medical professionals and investors.
    • If you have a project which we haven’t included, drop us a line and we will quickly let you know if this is something we can take on.
  7. Can we pay you later?
    • All new clients must pay 25% on order and the rest on delivery.
    • Returning customers benefit from discounts and alternative payment schedules.
  8. Do you have a minimum for new clients?
    • Yes, there is a minimum 1000€ of work to be contracted by all new clients.
    • This may, at our discretion, be 2 x 500€ contracts within a 3 month period.
    • After the first contract, this can be altered according to individual needs.
  9. What is your turn around time?
    • Fast – honesty forms the basis of a good business relationship and we will only give you a delivery time if we can carry it through.
    • If you are in less of a rush (for example 2 weeks instead of a suggested 1 week, depending on the project), you will benefit from a “patience” discount.
  10. Who owns the copyright of the material?
    • Until we have been paid in full, we retain all copyrights. After payment, it is all yours.
  11. What are your rates?
  12. How do we start?
    • Contact us to discuss your requirements.
    • If you need us to sign a non-disclosure agreement, we are happy to do that.