The only medical, health and wellness copywriting service for PODCASTs.

…and blogs, websites, eBooks, and much more.



If you know that you “should” have your own podcast or if you want to but don’t have the time to research all the content, we can prepare easy on the ear copy which you just have to read out. Based on personal experience, writing copy for podcasts is different to other types of texts. Be the go to person for interesting health, wellbeing and medical content. Keep your audience engaged with entertaining podcasts which reflect your brand style and convert your audience to your product.


Health websites need to be accesible to their users while making sure that their content is accurate and validated. Make sure that your health or wellbeing website is top of your target audiences search results by having medically authored medical content.


Rewarding your loyal or new website visitors with a free eBook is a great way of getting a large mailing list of potential customers. We can provide entertaining, well researched eBooks which deliver your message in line with your brand identity.


Starting a blog is easy, keeping up with regular content less so. We can provide regular content or one-of pieces. You don’t have to have a health blog to include wellbeing and medical topics. Everyone is interested in feeling better and we can tailor the content to be in line with your brand. Medically accurate and validated you can choose the topic or leave it up to us. We can work according to national health days meaning that your posts will be in tune with social media.

White papers

A white paper is often the published face of your brand to the outside world. It needs to be concise, professional and well referenced. Offer a prestigious document which reflects the true potential of your #digitalhealth technology, health services or latest innovations.

Customer stories

Having a personal story behind the professional services you offer can often be the reason your clients choose you over your competitors. Let your clients and patients do the selling for you.