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Host your own podcast without the hard work.

Podcasts are quickly taking over from blogs as the way to get your message across and your voice heard.

Start a health podcast now and you will build up a loyal audience before the market gets flooded.

It’s easier than you think to record from home or your office and this is one area of marketing where literally using your own voice is what your clients want to hear.

Behind every ten minute podcast are a lot of hours of preparation. Outsource that preparation so that you just have to record yourself reading the script. You can also think about longer podcasts with interviews, again you don’t both have to be in the same place and include 10 minutes of just you talking.

We can provide fun and entertaining copy which makes you sound spontaneous and close to your audience.

Don’t reinvent the wheel or start learning from scratch a new marketing technique, stand on the shoulders of the experts instead. We provide you with podcast specific copy which can then also be adapted for a blog or social media post.

Instant and easy health podcasting.

10 minute updates

Short and interesting snippets of information close to your heart and your brand are an easy way to start and stay the course when it comes to hosting a podcast. We can provide 3 months worth of material which you can then bunch record and drip feed to your audience. Get blog and social media posts alongside the podcasts to increase your impact.

Start your own health podcast


Inviting someone you admire and therefore your audience also admires, is a good way of having fun with your podcast. It also brings new people to your brand as you are providing the platform for your guest’s audience to find them. We provide well researched questions which are entertaining and original so that future guests come to you rather than you having to look for them.

Host your own wellness podcast.

Product boost

Sometimes you have the product and you are struggling to find your clients. Whether it be an online or face to face yoga course, or a digital health product, using the power of speech can literally get into the head of your clients. We can provide copy for your podcast or an influencer you would like to work with.

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